Promoting, sharing and uniting kindness
Selection of Pledges

Varvara - Moscow
I will hold the door open for those behind me.
Alun - Cowbridge
I pledge to do something for the person next to me wherever I am.
Nadine - Canada
I pledge to be kind and work towards being kind every day.
Victoria - Canada
I pledge to be kind today and every day.
Cummertrees and Carrutherstown Primary - Dumfries
We pledge a kind act every day.
Krissie - Birmingham
I donated my toys to the local hospital.
Katie - Europe
I promise to reach by text to three members of my extended family and friends this evening who I haven’t spoken to for a while to see how they are doing and to brighten their days.
William - Mexico
I pledge to open my heart with live and gentleness with all that I meet.I have ghe intention to stop complaining, blaming and taking the position of a victim. I intend to promote messages of hope, caring and well being to all those I encounter.
Aseel - Moscow
Give lots of hugs.
Cathedral School - Wales
Use kind words. Think before you speak.
Pippa - London
Find more ‘kind time’.
Sue - USA
I will be kind.
I gave Asel two bags of candy and she is getting a Billie Elish T shirt from Berksha in return.
I pledge to compliment people on Kindness Day.
Misha - Moscow
I will help to clear the house. I will share with my friends. I will make a big feeder and put bread in it to help poor birds that are suffering from the cold an lack of food.
I will donate to charity.
Livio - Moscow
I pledge to be kind and fair in games even when I am about to lose.
Danielle - South Yorkshire
I pledge to give more compliments.
I pledge to pay someone’s bill in a coffee shop.
Maria - Moscow
I pledge to give five people compliments on Kindness Day.
Luton Airport
We pledge to make Luton Airport a great place to work, where kindness is the norm.
Danielle - North-East
To treat others like you would like them to treat you. Buy the person sleeping on the street a coffee, just like you would like a coffee if you were them.
Natasha - Herts
I have tried to practise random acts of kindness throughout the year.This is sometimes challenging as a London commuter but it’s probably the most important thing on the list and one I pledge on Kindness Day 2019 to continue for all my remaining years.
Liza - Moscow
Pledge to help a person when they are struggling with something on Kindness Day.
We are running a kindness rocks painting volunteering session with students at The University of Central Lancashire and leaving these inspirational messages around campus.
Yessika - Vilar
I pledge to celebrate Kindness Day in my community and make the young people I work with more aware of the importance of kindness asking them to be involved in 7 acts of kindness in the next 7 days.
Jung - Moscow
I will not use swearwords on Kindness Day.
Arohi - Moscow
My act of Kindness would be to invite this kid to play football who always just stares at everyone playing including me and when the ball goes to him he tries to pass but other kids laugh at him. Also this girl sits alone at lunch, I'll invite her to sit at our table.
Anil - Moscow
Give lots of hugs
Strangford College - Newtownard
As a college we pledge to celebrate Kindness Day on November 13th with a week of events that promote and celebrate kindness.
Laxton School
Create a kindness calendar to provide different acts of kindness for the whole month of November.
Tex Engineering
Collect for the local foodbank.
Anglia - Ruskin University
Working to promote World Kindness Day by giving out hot drinks.
Heidi - Leicester
To start bringing kindness in our school community.
Social Housing Corp - North Wales
Encourage staff to sign up to celebrate Kindness Day on Nov 13th.
Christopher - Wigan
I plan to make people smile on a daily basis.
Terence - Manchester
Keep smiling at everyone.
Uckfield Volunteers
Tea and cake for the community.
We pledge to give each other kind compliments on World Kindness Day.
Sonya - Devon
I pledge to give a young lady I know £30 to help fix her car.
Kelly Yorkshire
As a group we will compliment someone today.
Zuzio - London
Pay for the coffee of person behind you.
Patrick - Fife
Pledge to share this website with at least six other people.
Kirklees Libraries - Scotland
We plan to promote our empathy collection with books that encourage kindness.
Philip - Berkshire
With my wife I pledge to help cook breakfasts on Sundays for homeless people in our area.
Dee - Staffordshire
To be kind.
Em - Gloucester
Pledge to pay someone a compliment on Kindness Day.
Tarim - Dundee
I will make a donation to a charity.
Go Inspire - Leicester
Pledge to organise a day of kindness with a kindness award for all the staff.
Richard - West Yorkshire
I will pay for whatever the person behind me in the shop queue at work is buying.
Anna - Kent
Plan to organise a special post about kindness to celebrate kind people in our community.
April - London
I pledge that I will work on my role as Kindness Ambassador for nursery to the best of my ability; to actively promote kindness, compassion, respect and manners throughout the organisation, to recognise that November 13th is Kindness Day and to organise monthly fundraising activities for the local community. I will also use my position as Early Years Educator to educate children at Nursery about the values of kindness on a daily basis and to encourage them to think about kindness and their actions.
Mirza - Asia
To organise kindness events and activities in my community.
Ladywood Primary School
To smile and to be kind to each other and work together to make our school a happy place to be.
Michelle - West Midlands
Pledge to help a colleague further her career by getting to work 2 hours earlier to help her.
Molly and Emma - Hertfordshire
We pledge to spread kindness to everyone in our school through showing kindness and sharing ideas on how to be kind.
Frederic - Chichester
To give £10 per month to charity
Jade - Manchester
All 20 on office will choose a random act of kindness and see it through
Kelly - West Midlands
I pledge to buy flowers for a stranger
Charlotte - Cambridge
To create a week of kindness events in my community and business
Michelle - Didsbury
Do as much as I can for the homeless and a foodbank
Cutts Primary School - Aberdeen
Try to make people have a better day. Start multiple kindness ripples by giving compliments. Cheer people up. Say nice things no matter what. Try and make aech other laugh
Debbie - West Yorkshire
Pledge to make eye contact and say hello to as many people as I can today
Lynne - Dorset
I pledge to tell my friends how amazing they are
David - Norwich
I pledge to buy a coffee for someone
Brian - Lincolnshire
To give my colleague flowers
Amita - London
I will buy treats for all my colleagues at work
Annie - Thatcham
To be helpful to all my friends and selfless. To put others before myself and understand that they have their own problems
Phillip - South London
Visit a friend in hospital who is recovering from a lifesaving operation.
Kim - Sussex
I pledge to spread awareness of Kindness Day
Jenny - Kent
I will give someone a reason to smile on Kindness Day
Women's Institute - Scarborough
My Women's Institute, the Scarborough Sea Gals are holding a food collection to donate to a food bank at their meeting on Nov 13th
Isabella - Sussex
I pledge to be friend those who need it.
Rachel - West Sussex
I pledge to help others who need help regardless of whether they have been nice to me in the past.
Annabel - West Sussex
I pledge to give at least ten people a compliment on Kindness Day.
Amine - West Sussex
I pledge to say something nice to everyone I talk to because compliments can make a person's day a lot better.
Lauren - West Sussex
I pledge to help others as much as I can when they are struggling and need support.
Maxwell - East Yorkshire
I will bake cakes and distribute them to my neighbours.
Stagesure Co.
Organise a week of kind events in our teams.
Walsall College
Raise awareness of the benefits of kindness.
Paul - South Wales
To smile at as many people as possible.
Kay - London
Try hardest to make others smile even if not 100% myself.
Katie - Oxford
To smile at strangers.
Lucy - Bristol
To bake and distribute cakes to the homeless folk. Plus a lottery ticket for one of the big issue sellers I buy from.
Karl - Hinckley
To visit elderly people who are 'shut-in'and have no visitors and to do their shopping or daily chores.
Aleya - London
Pledge to help anyone who needs help whether they ask for it or not.
Sarah - Hants
To take my kids shopping for food on the local night shelter list of most wanted items. Also encourage my kids to give out their old Halloween sweets and to make a short video for the grandparents.Support the childrens ideas for random acts of kindness.
Lynne - Sussex
To do six kind things that relate to recent items on my gratitude journal.
Mike - London
I am taking a selection of stickers to my local coffee shop (hearts, flowers). I will encourage people to take one and be kind to others.
Sen - Kent
We pledge to give a compliment to everyone in our groups.
Gavin - Northants
I pledge to smile and encourage others to be kind and alwaystry to put a smile on other peoples faces.
Cumberland School - London
We pledge to give out postcards with random acts of kindness.
Andrew Burnett - Scotland
I pledge that I will instigate at least one random act of kindness every day between 7-14 November.
Helen - Nottingham
I pledge to put kindness goody bags on windscreens of cars parked at the local hospital.
Maggie - Yorkshire
I pledge to live kindly and not restrict myself to 'an act' of kindness.
Sally - Kent
I will be kind to at least one person per day.
West - Dorset
We pledge to give flowers to our neighbours.
Marie - Merseyside
To deliver a free workshop in the community based on acts of kindness and compassion.
Alexandra - Auckland
I pledge to buy a stranger a hot drink
Donna - London
I will send a kind text and say hello to as many people as I can.
Toni - Edinburgh
I pledge to give a thank you card to the lovely person in my local shop who is always so friendly,kind and genuine to others.
Matt - North West
I pledge to visit my Aunt the Kindness Day weekend.She lives over 250 miles away but as her closest relative,it will chear her up.
Witness The Fitness
We are running a competition for our followers to share acts of kindness.
The Wee Happiness project - Perthshire
Pledge to carry on with random acts of kindness each week in the local area and send out happiness mail to anyone nominated through Facebook. To leave cards and money at parking meters, leave cards and money in coffee shops for people to find and money hidden in random books in book shops. Also to nominate someone who has had a rough time to receive a card and gift in the post. To encourage others to take part in UK Kindness day.
Salvation Army - Gateshead - Tyne and Wear
We will be giving out free tea and coffee inside our building.
Queensferry Community High School - Edinburgh
We pledge to create awareness of World Kindness day in our school this year. We hope to do this by having kindness quotes throughout the school and by facilitating the exchange of messages of gratitude and kindness between all members of our school community.
Marie - West
I pledge to run a free workshop on happiness and kindness in my local community to help connect people together and share resourcefulness and happiness.
Cheshire Cat Coaching - West
We pledge to give 15% off our Resilience Programmes, Coaching Programmes, Stress Programmes and Happiness Programmes.
Charlotte - Vision for Education Ltd
Vision for Education would like to recognise Kindness Day UK  - 13th November - and reward children across the United Kingdom for their kind acts and thoughts. Every child entered will receive a certificate in recognition of their kindness and one child will be randomly picked to win the special Kindness Prize.
I pledge to pay my colleagues a compliment everyday.
Hoda - London
I pledge to make as many people smile as possible!!!
The Grey Coat Hospital Amnesty Group – London
We pledge to share our belongings without complaining; if someone asks us or off our own backs. We pledge to tolerate the annoying behaviour of our siblings and friends. We pledge to go out of our way to be kind to as many people as possible.
Jasmin – Leeds
I pledge to be nice to my friend Shaf for one whole day.
Richard - Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
I pledge to promote WKD through the school newsletter today and to give notes of thanks to those I see spreading kindness.
Temashana – New York, USA
To bring some smiles and love to the people around me.
Julia - South
I pledge to find and give more of my time to others
Cindy – Scotland
I pledge to smile and greet and pay compliments to as many people as I can on World Kindness day.
Gabrielle – West Yorkshire
I will offer to make my house-share a cup of tea or get them a large glass of wine!
Lauren - South
I pledge to send someone an email today with some kind words, perhaps a thank you in an attempt to make them smile and feel good about themselves.
James - Oxford
To send an email to my team thanking them and recognising their efforts.
Ross – North Ayrshire
I will compliment as many people as I can :)
Jack – Helman, Afghanistan
To say something kind to another human being.
Florence – London
I pledge to give a donation to a charity.
Angela - West Dunbartonshire
To get away from work early and take my son  out of school to a army cadets sergeants funeral, in Uddingston, as he so wants to show his respect
Ivan – N. Ireland
I pledge to buy my wife a present and let her know she is appreciated now and forever
Laura – Essex
I pledge to show kindness to all the people and animals I meet today
Gabrielle – Surrey
My pledge it to post a set of postcards on my blog for anyone to download, print and use to spread some joy and kindness in the world!
Peter – London
My pledge of an act of kindness is to contact Andy Smith @regenerateUK who works with teenagers and young adults who have grown up in adversity, often committing serious crimes. Regenerate turns these young people around becoming worthy citizens. Their Feel Good Bakery needs support to fund the activities of Regenerate. I will work out with them how we can do that even better together
Charlottes – Cambridgeshire
I pledge to make a difference to someone's day through an act of kindness e.g. a card through the post, a text or paying for a stranger's coffee
Jason – Nottinghamshire
I pledge to make strangers I meet today feel happier, by being positive, smiling and listening.
The Little Fair Trade Shop Limited – Dubai
Encourage students and consumers to purchase fair trade products via fun campaign materials and workshops. Create my own fair trade garden for pollinators in Dubai.
Genny - Kent
I pledge to share happiness, love, laughter and smiles to as many people as I can.
Andy - West Sussex
To begin a movement for world kindness parties and to be kind to myself
Amy – Ayrshire
A pledge to pass out as many compliments as I can!
Matilda - Northern Ireland
Donate a toy to mother and toddler group and be kind to everyone in school.
Muhammad – Pakistan
I pledge that on Kindness Day I should be kind with others and help everyone whether they asked me or not :)
George - London
I will buy some warm food and give it to one of the many homeless people I walk past every.
Heather – London
To compliment a look or attitude.
Rosanne – London
I pray for those people and their relatives who are involved in World War 1.
Nicole – London
To comply with any awkward situation or person, be patient and kind.
Catherine – Berkshire
I pledge to say something uplifting to everyone I come into contact with.
Angie - Berkshire
I will sort out my clothes and take a sack to the homeless on Kindness Day.
Emily - Sheffield
I pledge to go to my the residential care home for older people with my niece and nephew (aged 10 & 9 years old) and spend a few hours doing a sing along session with the residents and we'll bring homemade cakes to share round too.
Carol - London
Make a food parcel for the homeless
Abi - West Midlands
I pledge to greet everybody with a smile and random acts of kindness...Sending a friend some flowers, buying a stranger a coffee and paying somebody a compliment
Charlene – Derby, UK
I will take some treats into work and buy someone a bunch of flowers and just be nice/kind :-)
Alison - East Sussex, UK
I pledge to staple a wrapped chocolate to a card saying "Happy World Kindness Day" through every letter box in my (quite long!) street. In that way I hope to bring a small smile to all my neighbours faces and possibly enable them to do some kindness too. :-) I am also doing a small fundraising lunch on Sunday for Cancer Research.
Preston - Tyne and Wear, UK
I pledge to do a litter pick on my favourite beach and leave a surprise present for people at an office I will be visiting.
Rosanne – UK
Never lost your fighting spirit if you are aiming for something which leads towards helping a lot of people and to your fulfilment & purpose.
Mary – UK
I pledge to spread the word throughout my school and encourage staff, children and parents to undertake an act of kindness on this day.
Rachel - South Yorkshire
I pledge that I am going to do 30 acts of kindness in November. From paying for someone’s coffee, giving toys to children who have lost their dad in the army, flowers to a neighbour, book tokens, pay for a meal at a drive-thru. I hope people will hopefully see just being kind can really make someone’s day.
Gary – London, UK
I will give a bunch of flowers to a worthy recipient.
Chris – London, UK
Perform a totally random act of kindness each week.
John – London, UK
I pledge to donate blood. A friend of mind recently went into hospital and received some units of blood as part of their treatment, so I now realise how essential this is and I want to help others.
Georgina – London, UK
I pledge to visit a nursing home for Kindness Day. I'll bring flowers and home-made treats for the residents and spend time with them.
Mrs. Chamberlains Class - USA
I promise that I will be kind to all on November 13th. I will not hurt nor say anything rude mean ect. I will keep to this.