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Kindness Day UK

Kindness Day UK is a nationally recognised day for the celebration of kindness in society and day to day life. Individual acts of kindness are encouraged on this day annually.

Kindness Day UK

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Ideas for Kindness Day

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National Celebrations

Kindness Day UK is celebrated nationwide annually, 13th November. It is a day to celebrate and promote kindness in all its forms. World Kindness Day falls on the same day and unites people in kindness globally.

A few examples of past celebrations of World Kindness Day and Kindness Day UK:

  • Kindness UK handed out 10,000 free chocolate bars at London Train stations
  • The Singapore Kindness Movement gave out 30,000 Gerberas
  • World Kindness Australia conducted an enormous Kindness Hug on Bondi Beach
  • Kindness UK encouraged a Text Wave that swept the UK
  • A Kindness Awards Ceremony took place in Parma Italy hosted by The Italian Kindness Movement
  • Kindness Scotland put on 'Kind Kid Awards'
  • Worldwide Freeze Mob Flash Dance organised by Life Vest Inside


We have been encouraging schools nationwide to take part in Kindness Day UK. Here are some examples of schools who have celebrated the day.

Horley Infant School

The whole school enjoyed taking part in Kindness Day again. It is a helpful way of reinforcing kindness which we then continue to practice throughout the year. For Kindness Day the classes made a Kindness Day Book, paper chains of kindness, kindness kites which ‘chase away the sad grey clouds’. We held an assembly for the whole school. In classes books such as ‘The Kindness Quilt’ were read. Reception each made a kindness quilt (a square decorated with kind words and pictures). Year 1 made the friends paper chain of kind deeds. Year 2 made kindness kites, a kindness book with sub-headings taken from your kindness pack such as ‘kind thought’ or ‘kind acts done by me’.

Westhoughton High School

Kindness Week

Our lessons have been based on a theme of Kindness - thanks to your materials - and we have had lots going on! We have had wellie walks and wellie wanging for Give Hunger the Boot and we have been raising money with lots of activities like smoothie making etc However, the best bit was the random acts of kindness by our school council Kindness Army when we went into town giving away sweets and flowers and washing cars for free!

The reaction around school has been fabulous and so has our community reaction. We have also raised lots of money for charity but, as a school we have been immensely enriched. I have included some of the highlights below and my ode to kindness for our final assembly alongside our totals raised.
Thank you so much for the support of Kindness UK - I can see this will be an annual event!

The staff said...

  • I really liked the kindness attacks (we gave out sweets in classes randomly!)
  • The Year 10 Music concert was great
  • All round great week which really showed the kindness of all pupils and staff.
  • I thought Kindness Week was absolutely brilliant! It has been one of the most enjoyable weeks I have experienced in school!
  • It was a pleasure to receive my Kindness postcards from the Kindness army (who are cute beyond words!).
  • The lovely messages from students and staff alike really made my day and put a huge smile on my face!
  • Thank you for Kindness Week!
  • My highlight was the year 8 pupils on Wednesday producing their Victoria sandwich sponges singing the Michael Jackson song "Just beat it" as they were just beating their ingredients, it was magic.
  • The sheer enthusiasm of year 7 pupils
  • What a fantastic idea of having the kindness postcards - I have really enjoyed the kind comments sent from pupils who have really made my week.

The students said...

  • I loved making kindness cards for staff and my friends
  • The best part was when my friend brought me some Haribo in!
  • My highlight was people complimenting me
  • The concert in A1 was fantastic
  • I like Kindness lessons
  • Miss Patel gave us all chocolate cupcakes!
  • The best part of kindness week was no homework!

Our community said...

  • You've really made my day
  • We should have more of this!
  • What a brilliant idea!
  • Woman who said – give my sweet to that lady outside – she is lovely and really deserves some kindness. (We did and it made her day)

Other highlights were...

  • The man on Westhoughton market who asked why we were giving out sweets and flowers. When we told him about Kindness week, he called everyone back to give them a free book – he wanted to pass on the kindness
  • The woman in the sweet shop who did the same

Westhoughton High have raised:
A total of £796.78 has been raised for Sainsbury's Hand on Heart

And £560.70 has been raised this week for year group charities giving a grand total of £1357.48 for Kindness week

A huge round of applause for WHS – a school that is Kind to others because from Sept 2013 – July 2014 you have raised a grand total for charities of £7,421.95

Kindness Week Ode

In our last week of term we saw Kindness abound
We knew we were kind – so we spread it around

There's lots we've been doing and good things to share
To show our community we really care

We set off to Sainsbury's to help others pack
We've wanged wellies for hunger out of a huge sack

We've raised money from hampers and smoothies and treats
Had a concert from Year 10 and turned up the heat

It's been a great week and we think you will find
That things are much nicer when the world's being kind!​

Barton Seagrave Primary School, Northamptonshire

We are launching a fortnight of activities with assemblies on 4 November in both KS1 and KS2 promoting kindness. There will be an art competition: ‘K.I.N.D.N.E.S.S...Find out what it means to me? with prizes for children from Reception Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2. The winners will be announced on the 13th November. Each will have its own Kindness display and the Library Areas will have displays of historical figures who have demonstrated acts of kindness. Each year group will devote some Literacy time to Stories on Kindness and poetry. Every child will have a template of a leaf where they will be able to write an Act of Kindness that they have witnessed or carried out. These will then be attached to a Tree of Kindness. Each Year group will also have a 'Compliment and Thank you board' where every child will have an opportunity to express their gratitude towards each other. After International Kindness day we will have an assembly led by a member from the local salvation Army to encourage the children to bring in goods to create a Christmas hamper. This is the third year that we have carried out this Christmas appeal and it is hoped that the generosity will continue. Our school is about to undergo a lot of building work which will not be completed until March 2015. Between now and then certain designated areas will be Kindness zones. We are not sure where all these activities will take us, but we are excited and hopeful that each term some time will be devoted to celebrating kindness.

Barming Primary School, Kent is actively promoting and supporting kindness in school and the local community.

We have received a kindness pack and will use the specific ideas within our school as we have just restated our community code and have kindness as our first priority. We also have Peer Mediators trained to work with children on the playground, and have buddied Y6 Children with YR children to help them when they start school. We would like to be come affiliated and have a kind school certificate printed to help show our commitment to visitors/parents. I gave a ‘kindness’ assembly to the whole school on Monday and the challenge for Kindness Day is for all children to do an additional kind thing on the day either at home or school. On Thursday each child will record what they did in a kindness thought bubble. A selection of these will then be displayed in school. We involved the children in Kindness Day and asked them all to try and do an additional kind thing at home or school on the day, following an assembly I ran. Attached are photos of the display I did of some of their kindness thought bubbles, explaining what they did. It was a very successful day and provoked some good discussion about kindness – I followed up a week later with an assembly about the ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ campaign that Danny Wallace ran. Many thanks for the certificate. I showed the children in assembly and explained why they deserve to have it. It’s now proudly on display right where parents and visitors can see it in our entrance area.

Barming Primary School 1

Barming Primary School 2

Barming Primary School 3

Gotherington Primary School celebrated Kindness Day

Many schools across the country now celebrate Kindness Day UK annually. Gotherington Primary School in Gloucestershire is just one example of schools being kind 13th November 2013.

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Gotherington Primary School celebrated Kindness Day

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