Clifford Gee – London, UK

I pledge that on Kindness Day I will buy a box of chocolates and give it to an old aged pensioner.

John Kurubo – London, UK

I pledge to donate blood. A friend of mind recently went into hospital and received some units of blood as part of their treatment, so I now realise how essential this is and I want to help others.

Chris Elsdale – London, UK

Perform a totally random act of kindness each week.

Gary Davison – London, UK

I will give a bunch of flowers to a worthy recipient.

Mrs. Chamberlains Class - United States

I promise that I will be kind to all on November 13th. I will not hurt nor say anything rude mean ect. I will keep to this.

Westhoughton High School – Lancashire/UK

We are meeting our student council this morning with the intention of discussing a 'Kindness Week' - this will be held on the last week of term. The intention is for each year group to raise money for their own year charity on one set day with their own activities. The students will also engage in some fundraising with Sainsbury's at our local store with proceeds going to the 'Hand on Heart' charity: in this way each year group will have their own Kindness Day during Kindness Week

Georgina Jones – London/UK

I pledge to visit a nursing home for Kindness Day. I'll bring flowers and home-made treats for the residents and spend time with them

Ratton School - East Sussex/UK

We pledge that each tutor group will take a kindness challenge

Ferndown Upper School - Dorset/UK

We will hold special assemblies and launch activities from Kindness UK’s pack for secondary schools

Enfield County School – Enfield/UK

We pledge to celebrate Kindness Day, 13th November

Hodge Hill Girls’ School – Birmingham/UK

Will try and arrange a ‘Kindness Day’ or ‘Kindness Week’

Skegness Grammar School – Lincolnshire/UK

We will make plans for Kindness Day UK and do an assembly

Kindness UK is an independent, not-for-profit organisation with the goal of making Kindness a greater part of everyone’s day-to-day lives.