12/04/2014 Harrogate/England 01:10:27

I'm 15 years of age, and was on the train when I idiotically missed my stop. Panicking as I had no money left and with a hefty suitcase full of books I was unsure what to do all the while in the realisation that I was headed to a city I knew nothing about, nor had any means to get home by, when a American women who I did not know sat next to me offered me ten pounds to get the train back, I reluctantly took five pounds off her and was able to travel home safely, and luckily managing to get off at my correct station. I wish I had had time to properly thank this woman for her generosity offering to help me, and know I hope one day to repay the favour to another in trouble, and also perhaps learn to use the train system properly.

04/04/2014 Lewes/UK 15:41:40

I gave some money to our Big Issue seller. I told him I didn't need the magazine but that he could have the money anyway. He's always so cheerful, even when it's raining, and has a nice singing voice so it's a pleasure to help.

04/04/2014 Lewes/UK 15:38:07

I was at the household tip today getting rid of some pretty heavy garden rubbish. I was struggling a bit and a fairly elderly man offered to help. I was grateful for his help - and he was delighted he could lift it!

29/03/2014 Chelmsford /England 23:18:54

Today I visited Avebury. Historic and beautiful site. First stone I looked at I noticed a phone at the base.I picked it up, looked through phonebook and called 'mum'. Mum called the husband then husband and phone owner met me to collect phone. Very grateful. #PayItForward

23/03/2014 Sydney/Australia 12:49:23

Today I was at Starbucks and saw a very rude customer speaking to one of the workers with attitude; telling him to remake her drink. After that, he did not smile. So I wrote him a note saying "Smile! =) Don't let rude customers get to you. Have a good night. Xoxo"

10/03/2014 London/England 10:48:04

My boyfriend and I had a lovely meal at the weekend and our waitress was fantastic. She was very knowledgeable and helped us with anything we needed. As we left, as well as giving her a tip, we found the restaurant manager and told him how much we had enjoyed our meal and how pleased we were with our waitress.

08/03/2014 San Marcos/USA 06:20:55

I was at Starbucks and watched two women talking and one of them started crying. It was so sad to see. Throughout there conversation she started briefly a couple times again. They were pretty far from me so I could barely hear anything. Only thing I did occasionally hear was this poor woman crying. So within 20 minutes, I drew a scene of both of them together sitting with their coffee and I wrote the words, "I hope this brings you joy and you have a brighter day." When I gave it to the somber woman, her day brightened instantly! Both women gave me a big smile and a big thank you. With a simple portrait of two women, I walked away knowing I just made her day a happier one.

28/02/2014 Nashville/USA 05:56:03

A remarkable event occurred to me when I was attempting to buy gasoline. The pump was not reading my card despite several attempts at swiping it and a man walked up to me and asked if I needed help. He actually asked me "how much do you need?" I do drive a 27-year-old car and don't look like a millionaire but I was stunned by his generosity and caring spirit. I said I had the money, explained my difficulty and thanked him. There are plenty of wonderful people in Nashville and this world. Someone who actually needed help has probably gotten it from this fine man. As a cynical misanthrope myself it feels like a lesson I needed to learn.

16/02/2014 Melbourne/Derbyshire 18:56:31

Sorted out a mountain of stuff to give to MIND charity

16/02/2014 Melbourne/Derbyshire 18:55:57

Gave spare change to RNLI

16/02/2014 exmouth/uk 18:49:10

"Wheelchairs by Wings" On February the 27th, 2013 I received an email from someone asking for help providing a wheelchair for an elderly relative. The request had come from the remote village of Mbooni, Kenya. I met the challenge with the help of 3 total strangers. One donated a wheelchair, one flew them out (I donated one also) and another donated one from a disabled fellowship in Nairobi as they were touched I cared enough to help.

12/02/2014 london/uk 09:41:32

found £1 in the road.Put in my pocket. Had second thoughts and left on a parking machine for next user.

30/01/2014 London/UK 16:58:26

A huge thanks to the lovely couple who stayed with me after I fractured my ankle on Saturday night. I'm an idiot and you are so kind.

24/01/2014 Bolton/England 01:35:21

I was on my way back to Uni from London and the train was cancelled. I had to go back several stations and then get to my last station by a different route. I got talking to a lady and her son and when she found out there were no buses back to my Uni, she said she would give me a lift back. We shared a taxi back to her house and she drove me back to my Uni. I am so grateful to her. Thank you kind stranger!

16/01/2014 Edinburgh /Scotland 21:30:45

Stuart, totally saved my last two months work by recovering files on my computer I thought were lost./

31/12/2013 winter park/usa 04:20:55

Witness a guy paying for two strangers tap at a dry cleaners. Thought it was pretty nice.

17/12/2013 Louisville/United States 04:32:28

This guy is wearing no shoes for A YEAR to raise money and collect new shoes for children that don't have the luxury of owning shoes.

13/12/2013 London/UK 15:46:52

I would like to thank the very kind man who waited out in the cold to give away his spare ticket for the long queue at the Visa office, Goswell Road. It saved me a lot of time and his thoughtfulness and kindness to a stranger were greatly appreciated.

12/12/2013 capetown/south africa 22:03:52

I help a couple tonight, they stuck without petrol at the robot, so I helped push the car to the side of the road.I feel good. Idecided to do more good in that way , by helping people in need. :)

04/12/2013 Cricklewood/England 16:05:27

Becky helped an old man who had fallen in the street. Took him to a nearby store and the good people of Barclays looked after him.

25/11/2013 Puebla/Mexico 15:25:50

I helped a blind person to walk down the street and take the bus. Amazing feeling to help somebody.

13/11/2013 longbeach/la 14:21:56

I was sitting at grateful hearts it is a place you go to for help with food clothes and other things I was getting food they have a Christmas gift program so this family walked in asking abot the xmas program they asked a lady for help the one day from the family asked about help the lady said if you did not sgin on 10-06 or if you received help with in ayearso the did not the lady said therename was not on the list. So I asked the lady if my family name was on the list she said yes but h so she looked and my name was on the list she said yes so I said can they have my spot the lady said I have to ask my supervisor I hope they have a blessed Christmasme and my familwe'll have to

11/11/2013 maidstone/england 13:00:08

One of my friends was stuck outside her house in the rain because her front door was swollen shut. A kindly man stopped to help her open it and upon finding out the quote she'd been given to get it fixed offered to come back and do it for free.

11/11/2013 maidstone/england 12:55:01

Earilier in the week I helped a lost comedian make his way to a gig he was late for even though it meant walking fifteen minutes in the wrong direction.

11/11/2013 maidstone/england 12:52:43

Today on my walk I came across a big dog poo in the middle of the path, I picked it up and put it in the bin even though it was not from my dog.

11/11/2013 maidstone/england 12:50:53

My sports team is having a secret Santa this. The girl who I chose wrote this as her gift suggestion.... 'I've been a good girl this year, but I have everything I need, please make someone else happy this year and donate a gift to someone more in need' This has inspired me to join good deeds and make myself worthy of such a genuinely kind friend.

09/11/2013 Oldham/UK 09:22:49

My new neighbor is a 20 year old kid who just left home. We got talking and it turns out that after he moved in his flatmate ran out on him leaving him with an empty home and a pile of bills. He said he was going to have to quit college and move back in with mom and dad. I felt sorry for him because I had to do similar when i was his age so the next day I went shopping. Using some "bargain" websites I know I spent £40 and got him £200 of food and house warming gifts and had it delivered. He later fessed up that it gave him just enough time and space to find a new flatmate who pays their rent in advance so no more running out on bills! To this day he doesn't know it was me.

09/11/2013 Oldham/UK 09:14:17

I travel by bus, It's relaxing and gives me quiet time. The cost of a return ticket for me is £3 but I always pay £1 more for a day ticket which allows me to travel anywhere locally. So why pay MORE? well it's logical when you do what I do and it saves someone else money and makes them happy. When I have done my travels (usually by noon) I give someone else my ticket and because its a day ticket I know they can get to wherever it is they are going and in the process save £3-£4. It might not be a lot to me but it might to them. Also I have now convinced the missus and a number of friends to do the same.

21/10/2013 hatfield/england 21:44:43

Thank you to the man in st albans on the 19th october that gave me his car park ticket as he was leaving and I was parking. Even saving £3 is always helpful and very thoughtful!

17/10/2013 Lubbock/US 19:46:39

Tuesday was a cold day with occasional sprinkles. I clerked an auction sale that was being held outside. As I left my house, I oddly grabbed two jackets. While registering people for buyer's numbers, an older gentleman came to the window. He was wearing a thin, long sleaved shirt. He was very cold, and my heart sank. I offered him my jacket, and he gladly said yes. As the day progressed I would glance around and look for him, but never saw him. I automactically assumed that he had left and took my jacket with him. At the end of the sale, he brought me my jacket and appologized for it having rain on it. He stated 'you are very kind' and handed me $20.

17/10/2013 Lubbock/US 19:38:03

My co-worker brought me liver and onions to eat for lunch today. She cooked it last night and remembered how much I like it. She is awesome!

14/10/2013 London/United Kingdom 18:38:32

My Uncle and Grandpa were companions to each other. My Grandma recently passed away, leaving my Uncle lonely. I invited him away on holiday with us for my birthday and insisted on paying for his stay. I know he really appreciated the company and being included in our group. He treated me to things over the holiday and is a very kind hearted person. It was nice to return his kindness and for him to receive a piece of the kindness he always gives to others. It was great to see him laughing and smiling again like he did with my Grandma.

29/09/2013 hull/ 00:08:10

helped a hedgehog cross the road.

24/09/2013 Crawling ton/Northumberland 20:29:39

Hand knit cardigans and hats for premmie baby unit at R.V.I in Newcastle upon Tyne.

21/09/2013 Huddersfield/England 20:03:43

Today in town I saw a homeless man had built a little enclousure for him self under some stairs and behind a box. I realise my deed was me being vulnerable but he was homeless. I bought some food and water and wrote a note. I left them in his shelter for him to return to.

16/09/2013 San Francisco/USA 05:30:56

I gave a care package to a mentor/friend who was about to undergo surgery. Very least I could do for someone who has done so much for me, and is one of the few people who I can confide in. Since then I've checked up on her via text to see how she's doing.

07/09/2013 Pittsburgh/United States 23:25:12

On my way home, I saw two women who looked like students who were not from the US. Considering they had about ten Walmart bags as they walked through brush and grass on the side of the road, I assumed they were on their way to a bus stop. Since the nearest one was two miles away, I made a u-turn and spoke with them. I live in downtown, which is where they live and attend school. Both were from China and had only lived in the US for two weeks. I drove them the twenty miles home. Although it was on my way, it made me feel wonderful that I made the day of two others just a little bit easier.

16/08/2013 Cavan/Ireland 00:22:09

These two little boys found a startled little bunny rabbit on the side of the main road but not harmed just terrified and they walked all the way to the nearby forest and let the little bunny free to the safeness of the forest again.

16/08/2013 Cavan/Ireland 00:20:00

Seen people in groups holding free hugs sign and went about giving people group hugs leaving everyone happy and laughing.

16/08/2013 Cavan/Ireland 00:17:11

Mom found two pups in a plastic bag on side of road still alive. Took them home and they all happy now and found a new home. :)

01/08/2013 Fulton/USA 03:51:51

I took my children for their haircuts today. While there a man came in asking for an appointment to get his boys hair cut. "I will get paid Friday so I need it to be on Friday" he said. I could tell that he must be living on disability/ssi because he had a deformed wrist & hand. So the lady made him an appointment for 3:00pm Friday then he left. As I paid for my childrens hair cuts, I paid for his also! feels good to do something for someone else!

09/07/2013 Granger/London 14:17:51

I gave my tube pass to someone waiting to purchase their ticket as I no longer needed it. She was really happy and it made me smile!

19/06/2013 Manchester/United Kingdom 15:50:12

My daughter, is 11 and she cannot pass a homeless person without giving them something. A couple of years ago she saw an advert on tv about children in need and asked if we could give them some money. I told her it was a monthly donation and that it would cost about the same as her upcoming birthday party. Without a blink she said, "Can I give them the money instead of having a party?" And that's what she did. She opted to not have a birthday party and adopted a child who turned out to be a year older than her from another country. Im so proud of her!

17/06/2013 norwich /england 03:29:41

a young student was crying at a bus terminal she was totally lost and spoke no English we took her to her destination and she cried with joy it was 2am and my wife and I went to the bus terminal to collect a friend. we all felt the young lady could have been our daughter lost somewhere in the world while traveling . not a big thing but made me realize we are all Gods children , help people when you can x

06/06/2013 Leek/United Kingdom 21:07:17

I saw an old lady in her 80s struggling to walk up my street with shopping,just as I was leaving my house,so I offered her a lift home, she had walked up and down my street for years and I had never stopped to speak to her, the following day I found 2 tins of cat food by my front door and a little note from the lady saying she knew there were good people in the world, but she hadn't encountered many, what a lovely act of kindness to leave my cats some food, we speak often as a result now :)

29/05/2013 birmingham/UK 12:28:28

Saw a friend on the bus, told him it was good to see him and smiled

25/05/2013 New York/USA 17:05:28

Walking up the stairs, out of the subway in NYC amidst gobs of other people one day, a homeless man wearing a hospital bracelet, carrying a heavy bag, struggled down the stairs while others pushed by him going up. I decided to offer him my help by carrying his bag down the stairs. Once I stopped, another woman stopped as well to help him out. It was a small deed, but showed me that it's totally true - a small act of kindness compels others to jump in and do the same.

23/05/2013 Barotac Nuevo/philippines 04:11:10

Actually I prefer to keep for myself what good deeds I have done. I grow up to understand that life is not easy. My parents thought me to be a good person which is who I am now. Even though I have better life now I still don't forget where I came from. Doing good deeds is a normal routine for me every day where ever I go or what country I'm at. Well yesterday a pregnant woman ride in a bus I have a comfortable sit and the available one I know will be difficult for her due to her big stomach so I offer mine.

07/05/2013 Brisbane/Australia 03:12:36

This morning I went to my local shop to get milk and eggs, I went to pay for it and it declined, I hadn't checked our accounts and we had all our money in another account, I told the lady at the counter that I needed to pop to my car to transfer some money as my mobile was in my car, when I came back the lady at the counter told me that the lady behind me had already paid for it, I was a little taken back then almost a bit emotional that just made my day its a amazing how the little things people do can make such a difference, I think I might pass it on now.. :)

03/05/2013 riverside/county 05:21:15

Do good beacuse its right not because your looking for attention or applause,good deed are good paying it foward.

03/05/2013 riverside/county 05:12:39

Last may i change my whole around ive always help other s never expected rewards or thanks just trying to give what was never giving to me love respect everyday since my separation i play it forward i give when i have nothing to give i listen when others walk way i fight with knowledge now instead of fists my good deed and promise was to my kids to live every day with peace in my heart,love in my spirit,and the will to do good ,all my life ive had bad and know only bad,i guess you could say god took the bad ftom within and lefy me a clean slate to fill it with good ,fir the first time in my life even thoe i have nothing and rarely see my kidsam at peace because i wanna see others happy and safe so everyday i will help

22/04/2013 essex/UK 20:35:38

Sat next to a homeless man who told me his name was Robert and bought him dinner. He then told me in the 16 years hes been homeless no one has ever bothered to talk to him.

19/04/2013 London/UK 19:17:55

Helped blind man cross road after being ignored by passers by.

19/04/2013 Clifton/USA 19:04:28

I was on a line at the pharmacy waiting for my prescription. The prescription was for my migraine medication because I get very debilitating migraines. My insurance did not cover the medication and it was expensive. I sighed when I saw the price and asked the pharmacist to only give me one or two pills. I could not afford it between rent and other bills. She went to go fill it and when I came back she told me that a woman had offered to pay for my medication. She was a strange. She paid 160$ for my medication because she "knew what it was like to fall on hard times." I told her I'd pay it forward and now every year I go back and give the pharmacy money to use for people who are in a similar situation that I was in.

18/04/2013 Sussex/UK 18:26:18

I have been feeding the birds with organic seed throughout our harsh winter. They are now enjoying the sun and we are enjoying seeing them thrive!

29/03/2013 San Francisco /USA 06:29:58

I've recently started a project called "Planted Deeds". Every day, I intend on helping one person by completing one good deed. Like my mother always told me, it is always better to give than to receive. And when you give, you are receiving because nothing is more special than making another person smile.

25/03/2013 San Antonio/USA 21:35:15

I am 23 and fresh out of college, I gave $125 to a coworker whose house burned down.

24/03/2013 sundernagar/India 14:15:48

donate money to poor that i want to do and want others to do

24/03/2013 sundernagar/India 14:14:26

I want to donate blood 235 times

17/03/2013 Calgary/Canada 21:57:35

In front of me was a woman looking for gum. I did a quick run around the store to find what she was looking for. She told me "God bless you" It felt good to help.

04/03/2013 Bath/United Kingdom 01:22:02

A group of us were on our way to netball, when we saw an elderly man struggling to set up his electric chair ramp in to his home. We went over to him and helped him by setting it up and bringing it back in once he was inside. He was really appreciative and thankful for it and we all felt great for helping him out.

03/03/2013 Calgary/Canada 19:35:30

Standing in line at a food court when a stranger asked if I could buy him lunch, he had his work tools with him and said that he had been working overnight in a house...he looked tired, and I did, even opting to get him a larger and re sealable Pepsi, over the can he ordered to save me money. He thanked me and we went our separate ways it cost me ten dollars...and I hope he never forgets that someone gave a damn that morning.

25/02/2013 Dixon/usa 17:37:47

Im trying to help a single struggling mom get back on her feet and get things on track for her beautiful three children shes been dealt some very hard blows but doesnt give up hope or trying she unconditionally and whole heartedly puts these kids first. shes lost so much.

19/02/2013 London/UK 12:17:36

I spend time with an elderly woman every Friday morning. She lives alone and is far from her family so I know she appreciates the company.

07/02/2013 Manila/Philippines 04:47:35

Been giving gifts to kids and to everyone whenever have the money.

06/02/2013 Chester/Virginia 05:11:35

My mom is the most amazing woman in the world. When her sister passed away that lived over 670 miles away she adopted my four young cousins without ever really seeing them. When her husbands sister passed away her two young kids came to live with us full time. She is now a mom of 10 kids! Three of them are severe ADHD and one is Autistic this would drive most moms crazy but my mom is amazing. She does not get hand outs or food stamps like one would think.

04/02/2013 Parma/United States 20:30:38

A friend of mine lost hours at work, so I sent her a grocery gift card in the mail with her Valentine :)

19/01/2013 Burlington/United States 21:25:12

Helped someone work out which tubes they needed to take to get some where they needed to be.

19/01/2013 Coventry/England 13:45:59

I had been in a long queue at the supermarket checkout when I noticed there was an eldery couple behind me. They had a lot more items than me but they seemed to be struggling so I let them go in front of me even though I was in a hurry.

09/01/2013 Mumbai/India 06:47:25

Me and my friends went around the neighbourhood picking up every single piece of trash we saw.

16/12/2012 Dayton/USA 01:20:57

A single mother just got a part time job earning minimum wage (~$7.45/hour). She does not earn enough money to pay for daycare for her 6 month old baby, so I've been watching her baby at no charge when she needs it.

15/12/2012 Columbus/USA 17:21:48

A lady at work gave me a brand new Christmas tree in the box. Her friends husband had won it at work and they did not need it. Times are tough..that tree will be a great gift under our current, propped up, limbs lost and falling off tree.

14/12/2012 Thompson/United States 03:56:49

This evening I went to the store to get some things I needed. Behind me in the checkout line was a lady that was away from home visiting her dying mother. She asked if I could give her a ride back to her hotel. Being it is the Christmas season, I agreed to give her a ride. She explained how she had to borrow money from a friend to buy her minimal amount of groceries and some decorations for her mother's room at the nursing home. I told her to put her items with mine and I would pay for them. After giving her a ride back to where she was staying, she couldn't stop thanking me. I simply said you're welcome and Merry Christmas. I had the greatest feeling of satisfaction being able to help someone and make their time of struggle a little easier.

12/12/2012 Egham/England 05:18:53

I stopped in the street to talk to a girl who was sat on the curb crying. After an hour of chatting, she hugged me and we went our separate ways with a smile.

08/12/2012 Muscat/Oman 21:24:33

Smile genuinely, it always warms the hearts.

08/12/2012 Muscat/Oman 21:24:06

Also in countries with hot climates, where animals can't find water, put a bowl of water outside your balcony for birds, and some bread crumbs. Also try to build a small water pool for passing animals in the dessert.

08/12/2012 Muscat/Oman 21:22:29

In hot countries like Oman in the Middle east, place a drinking pipe for passers who can't afford water to drink from

08/12/2012 Muscat/Oman 21:21:44

Buy food for a poor person who lives near by.

07/12/2012 Bradford/UK 11:10:52

I have been placing lots of organic bird seed in my garden to keep the birds happy over the winter.

17/11/2012 Norwich/England 21:24:25

I forgave my hubby when he shouted in front of the kids. It was difficult but then I thought, I actually make lots of mistakes myself and would hope too to be forgiven. The happiest families forgive quickly!

12/11/2012 London/UK 23:18:41

This evening I made an Apple and Bramble (they're like Blackberries) Pie with Vanilla Custard (yes, using Bird's Custard Powder) for an elderly Pensioner neighbour who is currently housebound at the moment after a Hip replacement Operation. I think she was surpised & pleased with unexpected homemade treat!

11/11/2012 Los Angeles/Usa 22:51:39

Art I would like to donate this artwork to an auction or have a buyer donate the money to a family for Thanksgiving that is struggling. Contact me to arrange details.

08/11/2012 mapusa/india 11:03:54

When my manager was coughing badly due to fever, i arranged for medicine and asked my junior to pass that tablet to my manager, as i did not want my manager to feel i am helping him for a good hike in salary or so. it was purely a selfless attempt.

08/11/2012 mapusa/india 11:02:31

Whenever my friend gets fever-I make ginger tea for her, also clean her utensils without her knowledge!

31/10/2012 Warwick/United Kingdom 13:03:50

Today I witnessed a customer return to a shop and return the extra change they had been accidentally given - lovely to see!

09/10/2012 Perth/Australia 17:24:11

A neighbours house was gutted by fire earlier tonight. Before the fire could spread we smashed his driverside window on his ute and moved it out of the way.

07/10/2012 Cincinnati/USA 02:24:28

There's a boy on my street who offers to cut everyone's grass. He is the hardest worker on our block. I don't have him cut my grass, but yesterday I gave him a card that told him that I noticed his efforts and appreciate his hard work. I also enclosed $10. It made him smile.

21/09/2012 London/England 17:13:08

I saw a young boy pick up a bag of rubbish that was left in a park and sort it into the correct recycling bins. A brilliant example of goodness in our youth.

21/09/2012 London/England 17:10:55

Having had a bad day it made such a difference when a woman smiled at me on the tube. Such a little act of kindness can go a long way!

02/09/2012 birmingham/uk 11:24:52

someone was stumbling for the cash to pay for their supermarket buys so the difference was only a little and I paid it.

22/08/2012 Mumbai/India 06:42:50

I have begun a radio show called the Kindness Hour on a Volunteer run Community Radio station in Mumbai- Cheers to the Good Deed Bank!

31/07/2012 Hove/UK 12:34:59

I am creating a project called " Close the GAP". This will be a National day in November where people are invited to Give, Appreciate and Participate with others where ever they are in life. GIVE a smile, a thoughtful text, a sandwich to a homeless person. Show your APPRECIATION of someone's clothing, something they did or are doing, anything. And PARTICIPATE, make connections with others, join in the game to Close the GAP. These acts of kindness generate healthy hormones and changes in your body. So you are in effect Creating Health. Keep you posted about which day it will be!

23/07/2012 South Croydon/United Kingdom 00:19:02

This evening I was travelling from Leamington Spa to The University of Warwick. My mode of transport was the bus. I waited over an hour, it was 40 minutes late. When it arrived, to my horror, I found that I needed to pay with exact change. Needless to say, I did not have anything close to the exact change. Another passenger paid my �2 for me! She didn't know me, and in all likelihood she will never see me again! I am very grateful for her kindness!

09/07/2012 Oxford/United Kingdom 16:49:33

Having accidentally dropped my mobile phone in a taxi I was sure it was long gone. Having found it, however, the taxi driver not only went out of his way to contact me, but drove the 1 hour 20 minute round trip to return it, free of charge! He'd even attached a clip to make sure I couldn't lose it again! Lovely man!

08/07/2012 London/England 13:16:47

My daughter's friend who was on duty as a fireman at Wimbledon saw an elderly man crying. He approached the gentleman and asked him what was wrong, after sometime the gentleman told him that this was his first visit in 35 years that he didn't have his wife with him as she had died. He was separated from his son and daughter-in-law. Paul calmed him down bought him some strawberries and Pimms and reunited him with his son, when he left them there were smiles in place of the tears!

29/06/12 London, UK 00:19:50

I decided today that I would big three people up and compliment them about something during the course of the day and was amazed at how easy it was to do that and what a great effect it had .I felt good too!

14/06/2012 Kings Lynn/UK 20:12:13

I found a wallet, with £360 cash inside. I took out the bank cards and searched for th echap using social media, phone books etc., I got in touch, he came in to collect the wallet and said "it's nice knowing there are still honest people around. He placed a thank you in the local press. The article was mentioned to me several times at appointments by people who had read it and i'm quite sure it helped me gain business! Felt good for several days.

12/06/2012 austin/usa 00:22:45

I have seen a man push up 3 or 4 loose grocery carts to my store as he comes to shop - every time he shops. wow@!

12/06/2012 austin/usa 00:17:02

1. I bought cheap ice cream and set up a stand and gave it to passers by for free. 2. I bought some hardcover clearanced books at half price and i contributed them to the circulation in my town 3. I volunteered one afternoon at Habitat for Humanity. 4. I donated a bit of money to a few charities.

08/06/2012 Thunder Bay/Canada 17:18:00

About 2 weeks ago, I was leaving Thunder Bay - I was waiting for the airport bus with an enormous pack, duffel bag, and small packpack. Carrying it all at the same time was difficult, especially because I'd recently injured some muscles in my side. It was a pretty crappy day. When the bus rolled up, I dragged all my stuff over, and then rummaged furiously for fare. A young man in a blue-and-white plaid hoodie told me to save my money, and gave the driver his bus pass. He also insisted I take his seat at the very front of the bus, which saved me having to drag all my things back through the bus. Then he disappeared into the back before I could thank him. He wasn't trying to impress friends, wasn't flirting, just wanted to help. A small but significant act. Thank-you, stranger.

07/06/2012 Glendale/USA 01:55:31

I have repeatedly opened my home free of charge to help others who are struggling to get on their feet. first time in August 2011 untill december 31 2011 to 3 individuals. I provided the shelter food and electricity didno0pt charge all three occupants not a cent to reside with me until they could find work and get on their own feet. Second time january 3 untill June 1 2012 i opened my home to two more individuals no charge i covered alkl bills food electric detergents for washing clothing etc to give them time to get on feet. I am on social security disability myself

24/05/2012 quezon city/Philippinnes 17:31:50

Today, i tried to make one person smile by giving her nice mangoes and SB Whoopie pie...the mood did not change...but at least i saw a smile....that's good for me

24/05/2012 quezon city/Philippinnes 17:29:57

For the last 20 years, it has been my habit not to call it a day without making at least one (1) person happy. "the last tine am in KL, i (together with the person dear to me)went to KL Tower and invited our cab driver over nice dinner in the Tower". One time i saw an old woman selling handfans...i bought them all and send her home, and share the fans to my friends.

24/05/2012 Moskov/Russia 15:48:55

I took some money to old man, who can't buy any food.

24/05/2012 moscow/russia 15:48:07

I gave money to a homeless person.

24/05/2012 moscow/russia 15:43:13

I help my brother with his homework.

18/05/2012 Belleville/Canada 16:07:26

A few days ago I saw an old elderly couple that were having difficulties bringing in their grocery's to their apartment so me being a good person and all I helped them carry their grocery's to the apartment and helped them up the stairs. It was a good feeling, and a very good day at that.

17/05/2012 Moscow/Russia 16:06:12

When my friend came to his mother in other town there was noone to stay with his lovely dog, so I agreed to take Ban. One day when I was wolking with it I saw, that it doesn`t want to play with other dogs. Than i took it to animal hospital and they found a problem with lag. Then I agreed for operation and now Ban feels great. And my friend is very happy.

17/05/2012 Moscow/Russia 16:04:26

Always when i and my family has got clothes,what is old and we do not use it,we give it to people who need the help,who has not got much money.I think in our time many people need a help

17/05/2012 Moscow/Russia 15:54:27

Every Sunday mw and my parents visit orphanage and there we cook for orphans and play with them, buy for them some pens, books and stuff like that

17/05/2012 Moscow/Russia 15:53:08

If I and my parents can`t eat smth we give this food 2 animals,who live near my house(cats,dogs).

13/05/2012 Moscow/Russia 07:53:32

Today, as I was working to work, I moved an earthworm from the sidewalk to the grass so that it wouldn't be stepped on.

01/05/2012 Bristol/UK 23:41:13

I am currently doing a training which is all about how to benefit the world and everyone in it great stuff!

29/04/2012 mumbai/india 03:31:02

sending good feelings and free love for betterment of every living beings in each and every field,which is helpful to all living beings in the world,,peace and harmony:) i love this world because we live in it...:)

23/04/2012 MTY/Mexico 05:40:45

le di de comer a un perro en la calle

21/04/2012 Norwich/UK 18:15:44

I bought a friend, who was having a bad week, a gift card for Pret to treat herself to a pastry and coffee. I stealthly left it behind her till point at work in an envelope to discover on her break!

21/04/2012 Norwich/UK 18:11:59

I paid for a stranger to park in a public car park as they had no money, and stopped them being clamped.

04/04/2012 halifax/uk 21:16:43

I'm trying to help 100 people in a life-chainging way - my project is called Help100! So far, have befriended an old person, written letters to someone in prison and funded a nursery school building in Uganda. More details on

26/03/2012 London/UK 14:42:13

I have just got back from travelling abroad and brought a good warm blanket to take with me. On my last day, we spent some time looking for a new deserving home for it and gave it away.

26/03/2012 Stuttgart/Germany 13:53:32

I have just been travelling abroad and brought a good warm blanket to take with me. On the last day of our travels, we spent some time looking for a new deserving home for it and gave it to a lady and her daughter who worked collecting plastic bottles in a park.

15/03/2012 Denton/England 21:00:10

I gave someone my mega rider when i no longer needed it..also someone lost £2 in the drink machine at work - i got it out and took it back to him

06/03/2012 vic/australia 07:52:37

took a homless out for lunch that he desires and listend to his story.

06/03/2012 vic/australia 07:51:44

baught toys for orphans and spent the day playing with them

06/03/2012 vic/australia 07:51:18

i came home i empyted out all the clothes i dont wear and gave them to people who were cold n didnt have any clothes, if u dont know anybody who needs them give them to the salvation army.(search for the nearest one) or send them oversease to a poor country who dont often get clothes donated.

06/03/2012 vic/australia 07:50:02

driving on the way home i called blood donations and made an appointment to go there and donated blood then went home. i went home feeling great! IT DOESNT HURT ONE BIT LOL i felt great doing it, i saved 3 lives by that one donation :D

05/03/2012 hull/england 16:26:38

i was walking home from asda one night and stumbled upon a senior man who was getting beat up by a young man (thug) so i ran to aid him with my shopping in hand gave him a swift right and he ran away the man i helped offered me money but i didnt take it i just picked my shopping up and walked away knowing he was safe.

27/02/2012 Newark/USA 23:25:02

I provide free family bonding activities and resources. Helping People. Helping Families.

23/02/2012 London/UK 17:46:52

Helped lady who was distressed as she had got herself locked out of her flat and had no money or mobile to contact her landlord. Clifford NW London

19/02/2012 Kennesaw/USA 22:40:42

Today 2/19 my friend is a actor and needed to go on a Audition. And a filming. I went to his house to give him a detox foot bath at no cost and spent the night to take him which was spur of the moment. He doesn't have a car and he needed to go to Atlanta by the dome. I believe in him and HE IS really good.

19/02/2012 Vancouver/Canada 05:41:49

Gave a cigarette to a homeless man outside Starbucks.



31/01/2012 Kiev/Ukraine 11:23:02

Pick up trash.

31/01/2012 Kiev/Ukraine 11:22:05

Set a tree.

29/01/2012 Atlanta/USA 21:52:04

Our Good Deed - We took a group men from a shelter and took them to Sunday Dinner, gave them gift bags and hats. They all had smiles on there faces and so did we!

23/01/2012 Halifax/Canada 20:23:55

Volunteered at my local soup kitchen washing dishes for the supper crowd.

23/01/2012 Halifax/Halifax 20:17:52

Me and my friend were driving along when we saw a disabled person in an electric chair stuck on some ice. We stopped and helped push the chair to a dry surface.

19/01/2012 Raleigh/United States 18:57:15

I love helping people out when they did not expect it to happen for them. It's fun being a helpful person where ever I go. People thank me for being a helpful person and being kind to them.

18/01/2012 Raleigh/USA 20:23:19

When I gave people money who needed it. Then when I help this old woman who needed help. Then when i cut people grass for them.Then when i wash cars for people who needed help. Then i dont have another one.

18/01/2012 Raleigh/USA 20:22:55

Once I greeted a lady at the grocery store and without her asking weather or not I should pick up her grocery or not and take them to the car. I did it regardless just out of generosity.

18/01/2012 STFU Town/IDGAF Country 20:15:59

We've both visited elderly people.

18/01/2012 STFU Town/IDGAF Country 20:15:07

give to homeless. read books to sick kids. visit ederly

18/01/2012 raleigh/united states 20:03:49

helped my little brother clean his room before he got in trouble

18/01/2012 raleigh/united states 20:02:17

I helped my little brother clean his room before he would get in trouble

18/01/2012 raleigh/usa 19:55:27

there was this kid getting bullied at my school and i tried to go out of my way to be extra nice to him, and stick up for him as much as possible.

18/01/2012 Franklin/USA 17:04:08

Winter time came around and there was a homeless persinwho sat right outside of the gas station around the corner from my house. I gave this homeless person 7 dollars everyday out of my tips from work and this person by the end of the week they had about 50 dollars they found themselves a homeless shelter and gave the money to them so that they can stay, eat, and have an extra change of clothes for themselves. Now they are off the streets and in a shelter!

18/01/2012 Raleigh/United States 16:36:51

i gave a random lady that was on the corner of Capital 10 dollars

18/01/2012 Raleigh/United States 16:32:15

I Gave 20 dollars to a homeless man while I was coming leaving the convenient store

18/01/2012 raleigh/us 15:50:25

I saw a stray baby cat on the street, and i adopted ot

18/01/2012 Raleigh/NC 04:21:26

A good deed that I have done is working at my church. I keep the inside clean and wash the van's Till this day I still work there.

17/01/2012 Raleigh/USA 20:39:53

fed this cat

17/01/2012 Raleigh/USA 20:39:23

It was this stray cat that came to my house one day , it looked mal nourished , so i fed it , and ever since its been coming to my house at the same time every night. i loved that cat, i named him ,P.M. , until we moved , then i got a puppy, but i still miss my love p.m. :-)

17/01/2012 Raleigh/United States 20:39:10

once i gave a ride to a girl that i diddnt know she lived like an hour and thirty minutes away then she invited me to dinner

17/01/2012 Raleigh/US 20:20:01

I saw a homeless man sitting on the ground he looked very hungry so i gave him five dollars so he could him some McDonalds.

12/01/2012 raleigh/nc 19:06:17

i helped a teacher pick up her papers off the ground

11/01/2012 Atlanta/USA 22:58:09

I saw a stranger in a wheel chair struggling to get up a ramp. I walked up behind him and told him I was going to give him some help. While pushing his chair I noticed that he happened to be wearing my favorite cologne. It was instant karma! I complimented him on his scent and was back on my way.

11/01/2012 leicester/United Kingdom 12:47:56

Whenever i go in to the city i always give a pound to big issue sellers but never take the magazine. My son has also picked up on this and does the same. He is 15 going on to gcse's!

10/01/2012 Auckland/New Zealand 02:33:12

A close friend of mine is about to travel to a remote part of India where she will spend a month working closely with children from a very poverty stricken area, teaching them photography and art. These children have no art in their curriculum at all. She is of course not getting paid for this and is creating a book with their photos and every bit of profit made will go back into the foundation that is helping to get her there in the first place. Awesome!

04/01/2012 London/UK 11:41:31

I asked a homeless gentleman outside Tottenham Court tube station what he would like to eat and went and fetched it for him.

30/12/2011 Branford/United States 00:30:29

I was driving down the street and came to a red light, I saw a bag of trash laying on the side of the road. So I jumped out and grabbed it... and as I was getting back into my car before the light turned, a lady rolled down her window and said,"was that yours?" I just smiled and said no, it took her a second, with a rather confused look on her face..but then I think she got it :)

15/12/2011 jemez springs/ 20:16:18

I've paid for other diners meals at random over the past 4 years. I just select a family or a couple or friends dining together, request that the wait staff give me their bill for me to pay. I must say that I've raised eyebrows almost every time. I insist that it be anonymous. I started this because no matter how much money someone else has this is an act of random kindness.

13/12/2011 MA/US 15:09:32

I baked a pie for my friend because she wasn't feeling too well.

13/12/2011 London/UK 14:30:36

When I went to my Doctors this week, I made a conscientious effort to take a moment to ask my GP how they were. Actually, he seemed to be feeling unappreciated by lots of his patients, who expected him to be a miracle worker. I went back later and left an anonymous box of cupcakes for him and his colleagues.

06/12/2011 Westfield/USA 21:41:31

I am very proud of my 7th grade religion group..they did the following this week.... 1. good citizen 2. helpful to classmates 3. volunteered at gymnastics meet 4. volunteered at Christmas party 5. raked neighbors leaves

05/12/2011 wesfieldt/USA 21:37:39

My good deed was helping my father rake our elderly neighbor's lawn.

22/11/2011 Edinburgh/United Kingdom 22:07:37

I went to Peru in 2009 and 2010 as part of a work group to help build part of a school and accommodation for orphans. The same trip we went to a shanty town to hand out free water. It was such an amazing experience :).

11/11/2011 lompoc/US 06:28:22

I met this un emplyed single dad with a 2 yr old boy a little before thanksgiving and they didn't had any I went shopping for food and donated it to them, so they both could have a great made me feel so good helping.

06/11/2011 Medfield/USA 18:21:26

Dear People at GoodDeeds, I have started a project with the goal of inspiring more good deeds. I am trying to make a reusable gift card that gives kindness instead of stuff. An enclosed log chronicles its travels.

03/11/2011 London/England 15:19:31

I have started recycling. I have put it off for a very long time but have now organised my kitchen with a cupboard with compartments so I can recycle almost everything.

02/11/2011 Seoul/South Korea 07:06:29

Helped a visually impaired man navigate his way to the boarding platform in a subway station and onto his train.

13/10/2011 Country Club Hills/United States 03:18:44

Today I donated $50 to the American Diabetes Association and signed up for a 5K fundraising walk with a goal to raise $1200 additional dollars!

11/10/2011 Chicago Area/United States 21:07:02

Went to my Doctor today and spent a few minutes asking how HE was doing. His fight against cancer months ago left him with a huge weight loss and difficult speech. It occurred to me that he listens to others ailments all day and few really want to listen to how he is doing. He really appreciated it.

09/10/2011 Chicago Area/United States 22:36:23

Created a 30 Day "Act Generously" game - to do one good deed a day.

09/10/2011 Santa Barbara/USA 21:24:55

Raised money for a really young girl with leukemia, and im going to get a test (which is just a swab of the mouth) to see if i could be a bone marrow transplant.

08/10/2011 Chicago Area/United States 23:18:32

Explained to a woman at a restaurant that her purse was at high risk of theft.

07/10/2011 Brighton/England 22:30:54

I dropped �1 on the floor, but left it there for someone to find as a suprise

06/10/2011 Cleveland/United States 14:24:43

I found a Siamese cat and rescued it!

05/10/2011 Post Falls/USA 00:37:52

There was a woman outside Walmart holding two infants. It was cold, pouring down rain and she was locked out of her car with no money for a locksmith. I used a coat hanger to unlock the car while another person sheltered her infants in their warm vehicle. =]

03/10/2011 Helsinki/Finland 11:08:20

Donated own clothes and gathered clothes from friends and family to give to charity

01/10/2011 columbus oh/usa 07:03:41

tonight I was at COSI and a little girl was having a seizure. I am a nurse and helped the little through it and helped her mother to stay calm. I stayed with them until the girl came out of the seizure and reassured her mother she was ok and until the squad arrived...

27/09/2011 Hoffman Estates/USA 22:57:47

Helped an older lady to her car and unpacked her groceries for her. then took her cart back.

27/09/2011 Hoffman Estates/USA 22:56:55

There is a grocery store that only takes cash or debit. The lady in front of me didn't know and was going to have to put her milk and bread back because she only had a credit card. I paid for her groceries. It was cheap and no big deal to me. I was surprised how much she thanked me! It should happen more often to people :)

19/09/2011 London/UK 13:34:34

I brought an anonymous muffin for my colleague on their last day at work.

15/09/2011 castle hill/australia 06:10:22

bpught two people lunch for free

08/09/2011 Santa Barbara/USA 22:18:23M

I let a pregnant women go in front of me in line even though my hands where filled, and could barely hold on to what i had. Helped another lady with directions cause she seemed lost so i asked her if she was lost and she said yes! and she thanked me(I think she was having a little breakdown until i talked to her and cheered her up)

07/09/2011 Santa Barbara/USA 21:54:10

I picked up a older woman's cane when she dropped it at the grocery store.

07/09/2011 Santa Barbara/USA 21:52:02

Helped some tourists find there way when they where driving the wrong way because the highway was closed down due to a huge car crash. They were already about 20 minutes on a road that dead ends in another 30 minutes in the mountains. I had them follow me and brought them into town.

31/08/2011 leeds/ 03:28:15

As my sibling and his family are low on cash right now and unable to treat themselves very often I succesfully convinced him that I had received 2-4-1 offers at our favourite pizza place. I was ordering so he may as well have the free food. When in actual fact I had paid full price for everything. so I collected the food from the restaurant and then drove it to his home, a large pizza, fries and cokes, so Him his kid and his Lady could chill out and not have to cook. He'd never have accepted if he didnt think it was free so I had to bend the truth alittle, but it still feels good. Tasty too. Much love.

30/08/2011 SD/CA 05:56:30

I walked a freshman friend at my high school to the nurse's office because she did not know where it was located. I also gave a compliment to the man at the cash register when I went to dinner at "Pat and Oscars".

18/08/2011 Tabet/Canada 20:06:55

After reading a CNN report on the struggles of children during the famine in Africa, I posted a new status on facebook reading the following: To all my friends and loved ones....if you just enjoyed a tasty lunch today, I challenge you to make a donation to the red cross to help those in need in Africa. The status started a chain reaction and friends were soon donating to the charity and expressing how great it felt to give. Amazing good deeds spread like wildfire. Love it!

15/08/2011 London/Canada 07:16:45

i few months ago my daughters and i were driving down a street in london ontario, where we live. we can to a very large and busy intersection and we were going left. i there were some people crossing and so i stopped and waited. when suddenly my 17 year old daughter said 'mom, mom look' what had her so excited was that this lady in her mid 20s to mid 30s was crossing with some grocery bags in her hand. she some how dropped one and her groceries were falling and rolling all over the crossing area of the street. some guy about her age two cars down waiting for the light to change got out of his car and helped her pick everything up and helped her cross the street with all her groceries. both my daughters left that area thinking that he was a hero.

08/08/2011 Whitby/Canada 03:03:13

While paying a bill at a place of business, this wonderful elderly lady approached me for directions to an address. Her son had been killed in a drunk driving accident. Instead of providing directions, I asked her to follow me to the address (as she was not from this area). I took her to the address via many construction reroutes. She told me "may God bless you in all ways!" That was great.

09/07/2011 Volo/USA 03:46:39

I gave my air conditioning unit I had in storage to a family with a newborn who could not afford to buy one.

29/06/2011 Forney/USA 16:15:24

I know a man in Georgia that discovered an older couple that was living out of their car. She has only half of her teeth, he has parkinsons disease, she has to help him with every step he takes...May bestow blessings upon Ken, for he is paying for a motel room to get them out of the heat until they can find some sort of housing for them.

19/06/2011 Ludvika/Sweden 17:45:59

I cleaned the apartment, and the exxpressomachine, so that my husband does not have to do anything but to rest.

15/06/2011 Hagerstown/United States 04:29:36

So I have been working on this project called 5 Pennies a Day - where I do 5 intentional acts of kindness and then journal about it on a blog.

11/06/2011 east maling/england 03:23:15

i ironed ALL of my flat mates shirts this eve and made him some dinner for when he finished work.

08/06/2011 Little Corn Island/Nicaragua 04:27:08

I took a bag with half a year of saved up plastic trash with me off the island (in my suitcase) to the mainland, where they have a proper dumpster and where the recyclables will actually reach a recycling plant.

03/06/2011 bangalore/india 07:09:45

My sister gave water and rice to a tied unkempt dog whose owners had been away on a the bargain she got bitten by the aggressive dog and was given injections tooo.......but that has not stopped her relentless spirit and she feeds him daily

03/06/2011 bangalore/india 07:06:41

i saw a blind woman at abus stop gettign wet in a rain, I approached her took her below a tree, waited till she gets her bus and during that i missed my bus too...but i ensured she gets her bus.....felt very happy doing that.......

31/05/2011 Reading/USA 06:33:40

A Facebook group was posting pics of lost items/pics from a tornado. One girl lost everything and her mom had a heart attack. I managed to find their address and sent them a check. She was incredibly grateful and she found me on Facebook. It's amazing how small deeds can inspire hope.

22/05/2011 London/England 22:02:29

Today I saw something spectacular, I was walking along the road when I saw a men living on the street, he was not begging for money, nor we he requesting. I should not of expected him to, however I was stereoptyping. A little child walked passed the man with his parents when the child dropped his toy, it began to cry, the parents kept pulling on the child, and the toy was left. The man grabed the toy, left all his belongings and followed this family, he had to sprint to keep up with them, and finally he reached them. He gave the child it's toy and it began to smile. The parents were rude and pushed the man away. The man did not get angry, he simply stood there and waved the little boy goodbye. Then, he walked away with a smile upon his face. He helped someone.

18/05/2011 none/sxm 23:33:06

I just want to say that doing a good deed is a very good thing and whoever is doing one is doing a wonderful thing (positive comment-good deed)

04/05/2011 Bristol/UK 15:27:40

I was in London waiting for a tube. A lady with a young toddler and a baby in a pushchair was getting off when one of the wheels got stuck between the gap of the tube and platform. Everyone just stood there or tried to push past her to try and get on the train. I pushed through the people and picked up the toddler leaving the lady free to unwedge the pushchair. She was quite shaken up so I walked with her all the way to where she was going, which was only about 5 minutes from the tube station.

29/03/2011 Panama/Panama 17:03:44

I donated my baby's clothing to the local Hogar del Divino Ni�o - an orphanage. It felt good and I want to do more. I am inspired by the goals of this website and want to achieve a good deed a day for the next year so your ideas are a big help.

27/03/2011 Big bad city/usa 14:04:41

for about two years after a scary incident directed towards me and mine, I became sensitive to crimes occurring. I intervened in about 100 crimes. And the more I saw, the more I was able to see before they happened. Nothing supernatural just keen eyesight and reading of a scene. Never was thanked, never needed it. But if you do good, it doesn't go unrewarded.

24/03/2011 Wicklow/Ireland 16:11:55

I gave blood today.

23/03/2011 Finglas/Dublin 23:00:07

Travelled to Barcelona from Dublin with someone that was having surgery.

23/03/2011 Finglas/Dublin 22:55:12

I traveled to Barcelona early this month with Someone that I only knew about 3 weeks. who is a transexual who was having significan surgery and he was going alone. I thought it was very sad for him to be embarking on the start of his journey alone, so I got a loan and arranged to go with him. It was a lovely, special time and I am really glad I was able to go with him.

22/03/2011 Costa Mesa/United States 22:56:46

Went into work early today and held the door for someone

03/03/2011 West Chester/USA 02:13:01

I baked cookies the weekend before Valentine's Day, and then visited with people who live alone, delivering a plate of homemade cookies.

02/03/2011 Mtl/Canada 00:17:49

Collected used batteries from my neighbors for recycling. Got to know them better and helped the environment. Double bonus! Booya! Follow my 1-year A Deed A Day challenge

21/02/2011 Atlanta/United States of America 20:42:03

I look forward to sharing the good news of my healing with the community. I�m committed to helping cardiac patients& their families cope with the recovery process. I enjoy serving the community.

09/02/2011 liverpool/england 20:46:38

I went in the chemist for my lazy friend's prescription,helped an old lady who dropped her hand bag and lent my sister 13 pounds who happened to be in there at the same time when her card got declined! This is a lovely web site keep up the good work everyone xxx

09/02/2011 dufresne/ 17:23:37

i would like tothank the Lever family. I have been friends of the family for a year now but never met them.I made plans to meet them this past xmas. when i arrived inAmsterdam as part of the flight pan, I collapsed and suffered a severe stroke. After10 days in the hospital thwre I was released and the family invitwed me to theire home to recover. They make sure I take my meds and prepare my meals and everything. They have been great and have helped me beyond what most would.

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